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Dholera smart city video is getting viral

As India’s first smart city is getting prominent, the Dholera smart city videos are also getting viral. Witha many thousand clicks of each Dholera smart city video, it is astonishing to see the speed at which the city is becoming popular.

The initial proposal of the city’s future plan was developed as a walk through and uploaded on YouTube and other social media sites in form of Dholera Smart city video. While the top videos give the details of the infrastructure and architect of the city along with the area under development and division of such area into different town planning schemes, many popular Dholera smart city video have also been uploaded by eminent builders and developers as a marketing stunt.

To give an overview of the city, it is one visualized by the dream man, Mr. Narendra Modi and is now taking form as the first smart city of India. It is being developed in the Ahmedabad district of Gujarat and shall encompass 920 Sq. Km area. A glance at few authorized Dholera Smart city video shall better explain how this area has been allotted for different phases and shall also feature the connectivity of the region with the rest of India through roads, port, metro and railways.

In our opinion, the simplest and easiest way to gain an understanding of how the city shall be developed is to watch a trusted Dholera Smart City video.

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