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Dholera images: A display of the city’s development pace

Had anyone seen Dholera images a few months ago, he could not have imagined that a city of such stature can be developed into India’s first smart city.

A while ago, Dholera images reflected a small unnoticeable village with almost no traces of infrastructure and rustic houses that needed repair and re-development. The scenario is opposite today with the place booming with infrastructure developments and traces of economic activities being observed in many parts of the town. Randomly taken Dholera images shall now show high rise residential housing townships under construction, development of 6 lane expressway and increased activity level within the town.

The newspaper and economic magazine columns are also filled up with Dholera images off late. While the news about the city’s development is making it to the headlines every now and then, Dholera images are not far behind in making it to the cover pages of many news magazines.

Professionally taken Dholera images may also reflect the trunk infrastructure components under development in the 22.5 square kilometers activation area. Such work is expected to get completed by 2018-19 and the city is planned to be developed in three phases, each spanning a decade each.

The widespread reach of Dholera images across all communication channel is a confirmation of the rising interest that people, media and government itself are taking in the country’s first smart city.

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