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Why Dholera is preferred over Kanpur by investors?

With the Modi government declaring it as the first smart city of India, the fate of Dholera changed. The city changed from a hideous city that could hardly be recognized to one of the most popular city of India. Y
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Dholera v/s Tiruppur : Which smart city is smarter?

While the Indians were pondering upon how the government shall resolve the issue of rising urbanization and provide for a better living standard for fellow citizens, Indian Inc. came up with the brilliant idea of 100 smart cities: cities that shall be smarter in technology, smarter in usage of resou
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Invest in Dholera project introduces raw land concept in India’s first smart city

Dholera SIR brings with itself a plethora of economic opportunities for everyone: Corporates, Hospitality sector, Commercial and Manufacturing units, Logistics and many more. Given the immense potential
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FDI Investments in Real estate sector becomes easier with policy amendments

As a step towards making real estate sector in India more open and flexible to FDI investments, the government has recently announced favorable amendments in FDI policy. This move is expected to
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