Dholera smart city – The revolutionary city of India

Dholera smart city has generated a spur in the history on Indian real estate breaking all realms of infrastructure and making a clean sweep.

It was about five years ago that Mr. Modi , who was then the Chief Minister of Gujarat had envisioned Gujarat Dholera SIR Smart city as an answer to the impending issue of rapid rise in urbanization. His dream is now taking shape in form of India’s first and fastest growing smart city.

Located in the Ahmedabad district and sharing proximity with commercial hubs like Vadodara and Bhavnagar, Dholera SIR smart city is strategically located and spans an area of 920 square kilometers. With the vast area under coverage, the city is proposed to be built twice the size of Mumbai and six times that of Shanghai. Smart City Dholera SIR also draws much inspiration from the leading city Shanghai in terms of infrastructure and technological developments and is being constructed as per international standards.

Dholera smart city is divided into 6 town planning scheme of which scheme 1 has been specified for residential housing purpose. Trunk infrastructure activities have begun on a 22.5 square kilometer patch of land in Smart city Dholera and the city is expected to be completely developed by 2040. The development plans are divided into three phases and each phase should take about a decade to get completed.

The revolutionary city is in the making and soon shall set the benchmark for the urban planning of the country.

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