Dholera SIR – The first city after enactment of the SIR Act

Dholera SIR Gujarat – The Special Investment Act which came into effect from 6th January 2009 finally led to creation of the first SIR region.

Dholera SIR is a city that shall be equipped with world class connectivity and infrastructure and shall be developed in the Ahmedabad district in the Gulf of Khambhat. India’s first smart city, Dholera SIR is targeted as a crisp and sustainable solution to the rising problem of urbanization. As increasing number of people are moving from rural India to urban areas owing to employment opportunities and better living conditions, the pressure on the cities is heavily rising leading to the need to create smarter cities which have ample employment opportunities and affordable housing options to accommodate such population. Of the 100 cities that shall be created to meet the requirement, Dholera SIR Gujarat is the first one to be developed.

The city’s locational advantage is expected to work much in its favor besides it excellent infrastructure framework. Located near Ahmedabad, SIR Dholera is situated only 100 kilometers from the Dedicated Freight Corridor. The connectivity that Dholera SIR is proposed to share with Gujarat and rest of India is commendable. It shall be connected to Ahmedabad, Bhavnagar and Mumbai by National Highway 8 and with Vadodara and other cities through a 6 lane expressway. Similarly port and railway connectivity is also excellent. To add on to the charm, Dholera SIR international airport is also under development connecting the region to the world.

An awesome city is under creation; one that shall be a place worthy of urban civilization.

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