Residential Plots in Dholera- An Overview

Dholera SIR residential plots certainly are investor’s delight in the current Indian real estate scenario.

It is widely noted that the property market in the metro and Tier 1 cities is more or less saturated owing to the heavy appreciation in prices witnessed in the last decade. In such a situation, Dholera SIR residential plots price come as a pleasant surprise for investors. The best residential plots in Dholera are currently underpriced due to lack of development in the region so far. However, with the region being declared as the first smart city of India and having received a colossal funding of Rs. 3,000 crore (appx)from the central government, it’s a different ball game for residential plots in Dholera SIR alltogether.

A massive size residential plot in Dholera SIR is currently available at prices that might not even buy a small-mid size apartment in other smart cities. As we all know, the value of land always appreciates and never depreciates, this opportunity is being grabbed by investors readily. Similarly, residential projects in Dholera SIR are also selling like hotcakes. While affordable housing projects are in heavy demand, luxurious bungalows are also selling fast.

As per expert view, the time is just right to park one’s funds in residential plots in Dholera and hold on for few years to earn returns that no other asset class can generate.

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