Synopsis of Dholera SIR Current Status

Many websites and news channels are speaking of Dholera SIR Current status. As per sources, the city is receiving enhanced support both from central and state government and also from the investors.

As per government website, the city is being developed as ‘a self-governed global centre of economic activities’ and shall comprise of bold features like autonomy in operations, flexibility in decisions and freedom in planning. Dholera SIR current status speaks about development of few early bird projects that are key drivers for the region to become an economical success. Few of them include the 6 lane expressway, high speed metro rail and rail based multi modal logistic park.

The following key developments are happening in and around the smart city as per Dholera SIR current status report:-

  • The region is being developed as a global centre for trading and manufacturing hub and shall therefore be home to many multinationals and foreign investments. An international airport is being developed in the region to facilitate such activities. As per latest development in Dholera SIR current status, the civil aviation ministry has given a go ahead on the Dholera airport.
  • Trunk infrastructure activities are taking shape in a fast track manner on a patch of 22.5 Sq. Km land allotted by the state government
  • Of the early bird projects, work has commenced on the central spine road

Latest news of Dholera SIR current status is being followed by investors keenly and making it to the headlines in a regular manner.

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