Dholera SIR Project: An agglomeration of various mini projects

Dholera Project has been one amongst the key agenda of the central government over the past year. While, it looks like a single project undertaken for completion, the Dholera SIR project in actual terms consists of a cluster of mini but significant projects, each of which contributes to the larger picture: Dholera SIR.

Dholera project encompasses 920 square kilometers of land of which 567.39square kilometers is developable area. The project is divided into 6 town planning scheme which has been approved and shall be developed in a phase wise manner. Town Planning scheme 1 of the Dholera SIR Project has been earmarked for residential housing projects.

Coming back to the mini projects that we had mentioned earlier, such sub-projects have been designed and formulated in view of enhancing the techno-economic feasibility of Dholera project. List of theearly bird projects include:-

  • Six lane expressway better known as the central spine for Dholera SIR shall connect the region seamlessly to important towns of Ahmedabad, Vataman, Pipli and Bhavnagar.
  • International Airport is the key addition to Dholera project. The approval is received for construction of international airport 20 kilometers from the smart city establishing easy global linkage.
  • Metro Rail projectto speedily connect Dholera SIR projectto Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad
  • Mega Industrial park to attract anchor industries within the region
  • Multi Modal Freight Logistics Parkfor easy movement of goods from manufacturers to consumers

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