High Speed Metro Rail

The high speed metro rail project is an ambitious venture undertaken by the government of Gujarat to connect the smart city of Dholera SIR to Ahmedabad on one end and Gandhinagar on the other. In addition to enhancing the accessibility to the SIR region, the metro rail shall also prove instrumental for the success of the new Dholera international airport.

The proposal to develop a metro project connecting Dholera was submitted under the DMIC master plan and approved by the central government. The project is an extension of the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor. The Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad metro project led to discussions by the Ministry of Railways on the feasibility to extend such project to Dholera via GIFT city near Ahmedabad which was later approved by relevant authorities. The project shall cover a distance of 100 kilometers between Gandhinagar and Ahmedabad and shall be built in an elevated format. It shall be constructed in two phases with phase 1 connecting Gandhinagar to Ahmedabad and the second phase connecting Gandhinagar via GIFT city to Dholera SIR.

The phase 1 of the metro corridor shall span 61.55 Kms with 32.65 Kms passing through APMC/Vasna- Akshardham (Gandhinagar)via Ashram Road, Motera and Koba circle while another 10.9 Kms shall pass through Ahmedabad junction – Thaltej via Delhi Darwaja. The phase 1 extension shall pass through Koba Circle – GIFT City – Gandhinagar covering about 10 Kms and Koba Circle – Airport spanning 8 Kms. Since the project has a long gestation period, the government is desirous of starting it early and has thus included it as an early bird project for Dholera SIR Region.

A 100% GoG owned special purpose vehicle has been formed with an initial paid up capital of Rupees 10 Crores and authorized capital of Rupees 200 Crores for development of the project. The SPV shall be responsible for smooth acquisition of land for the metro corridor and its stations and depots, shifting the utilities in a structured manner and finalizing the funding pattern for the project post discussion with both state and central government.

The series of events that led to the initiation of the Dholera SIR metro project are mentioned below:-

  • Discussion for Dholera metro was initiated by Government of Gujarat with the secretary DIPP during his visit for the Pune-Mumbai-Ahmedabad high speed rail corridor.
  • On 29th August 2008, GIDB appointed IL&FS Infrastructure development Corporation to conduct pre-feasibility study and undertake project advisory services.
  • On 1st September 2008, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation was appointed by GIDB as consultant to prepare detailed analysis of the pros and cons if the metro passes through GIFT city near Gandhinagar.
  • On 5th September 2008, a Steering Committee was formed to monitor the progress of studies for Ahmedabad Metro Rail Project.
  • On 15th December 2008, a special meeting was held under chairmanship of PS, UDD to monitor progress of the Ahmedabad project. Meanwhile an SPV was formed to oversee Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar-Dholera metro project.
  • Structure of the SPV was reviewed in a special meeting under chairmanship of Principal Secretary (Expenditure), Finance Department

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