N.A/NOC/Clear Title Dholera Land– Offering you clear title, legally approved N.A land

Dholera land – Smart Homes bring you non-agricultural Dholera land that is 100% legally approved and bear a clear title. Having dealt with us comes with an implicit assurance of buying land that is completely unambiguous and free of any kind of lien. Smart Homes gives one the certainty of clarity in transactions and absolute transparency.

With an experience of more than 200 many years in global property markets and being associated with prestigious real estate brands, we bear an expertise in the field of purchase and sale of non-agricultural land which bonds us with our customers through valid and legitimate transactions. Additionally the deals we would offer to you in terms of Dholera land price can be matched by none.

From proper documentation to maintaining complete legality, Smart Homes follow every step that ensures that the Dholera land being purchased by you is appropriate and free of hassles.

1. NA/NOC land title clear available at Pipali: 1350 per square yards
Area: 15000 square Yards. Advance: 25%
Remaining in 1 year

2. NA/NOC land clear title available near SIR border: 1299/- rupees per square yard
Area: 30 Bigha;
Advance 25% and remaining 6 months

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