What makes Investment in Dholera a golden opportunity for investors?

Dholera Special Investment Region, better known as the Dholera Investment region is become a safe haven for investors; both local and global.

While the region is making it to the news quite often owing to it being developed as the first smart city, investment in Dholera is
also creating quite a stir in the investor’s community. There are many factors that contribute to the popularity behind Dholera investment. Let us take a look at the important ones:

  • The city being tagged as the first smart city is a reason enough for it to see a rapid growth in economic activities and attract investment in Dholera
  • The project is being specially taken care of by the central and state government which is evident from the huge funds being sanctioned (Rs. 3,000 crore appx) for development of the area and easy allocation of land by the state. It is certain that the development of the region shall be put on fast track causing Dholera investment to be a rewarding one.
  • The local, countrywide and international connectivity that the area shall enjoy through the planned highways, expressways, port connectivity, high speed metro and an international airport shall soon make the region a global trading and manufacturing hub allowing greater scope for investment in Dholera and leading to exponential returns on investments.

Other factors such as international standard infrastructure and cheap price of property are also reason behind making Dholera investment an attractive proposal for worldwide investors.

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