Why Dholera is preferred over Kanpur by investors?

With the Modi government declaring it as the first smart city of India, the fate of Dholera changed. The city changed from a hideous city that could hardly be recognized to one of the most popular city of India. Yet another popular city and the largest city of Uttar Pradesh is Kanpur. Also known as the ‘Leather City of the World’ due to its extensive leather industry the city has a population over 5 million.

Dholera SIR has however been chosen as the preferred option by investors irrespective of the stark difference in the demographics of the two cities; Kanpur being higher in popularity and on commercial terms. Let us see why.

Determining factor Dholera Kanpur
Location Dholera is located near the Delhi-Mumbai Industrial Corridor, an important factor that is instrumental in attracting mega companies and MNC’s in setting up their offices and units here. It is also close to GIFT city and the state capital Allahabad making it a good investment option. Kanpur is located in the heart of Uttar Pradesh but does not share proximity with DMIC.
Development Phase It has been declared as the first smart city of India. Trunk Infrastructure work has begun on an activation area of 22.5 square kilometers. The project is divided into three phases; each of them shall take about a decade to develop with the final deadline for completion of setting up Dholera as a smart city projected to be 2040. Kanpur is still to participate in the second round of smart city contest which shall decide in which year development work shall commence.
Funding Rs. 3,000 crore has been sanctioned as initial funds for trunk infrastructure development by the central government. Balance funding is to be generated through PPP model and foreign investments. Companies such as Mahindra Lifespace Developers Limited and Nano Works Developer Gujarat Pvt Ltd amongst many others have committed to set up mega units in Dholera and land acquisition for the same has already begun. Funding is a distant requirement for the project and shall be finalized once it reaches the planning and development phase. Currently, the government has declared Rs. 96 crore per smart city per year for five years. This is way behind what Dholera has already received which might be a deterrent for Kanpur in meeting Dholera’s pace of development.
Cost of Property Property valuations are cheap here which makes it a value proposition for investors. With all other factors in favor of Dholera, the prices shall soon be seen soaring up resulting in exponential returns for investors. Owing to the popularity of Kanpur, the price of property is on the higher side making it a costly proposition for investors leaving low scope of appreciation in times to come.
Infrastructure Infrastructure being negligible in Dholera leaves great scope for planners and designers to develop it is as a remarkable smart city without any hindrance. Kanpur’s existing infrastructure is hard to be demolished, reshaped and reconstructed.  Thus it might be challenging for planners to utilize their optimum potential and develop it as a world class city.


The above factors clearly points out that Dholera shall be developed as a smarter city than Kanpur, one that shall be a better investment option too.

Dholera v/s Tiruppur : Which smart city is smarter?

While the Indians were pondering upon how the government shall resolve the issue of rising urbanization and provide for a better living standard for fellow citizens, Indian Inc. came up with the brilliant idea of 100 smart cities: cities that shall be smarter in technology, smarter in usage of resources and also in amenities. This article shall compare two such cities: Tiruppur, Tamil Nadu and Dholera Gujarat.

Component Dholera Tiruppur
Strategic advantage Dholera is a small city with agriculture being the basic occupation. The residents in the city are mostly poor. However, with Dholera being declared as a smart city and being strategically located next to the DMIC, the scope for development going ahead is manifold. The city is envisaged as a global trading and manufacturing hub and shall be one of the fastest developing cities of India. Dholera, India’s Biggest/Largest Greenfield Smart city of India first ever of its kind to be developed in India. The city contributes to 90% of India’s cotton knit wear export and gives employment to over 6 lakh people. An established economy, the development scope going ahead shall be at its own pace. Being tagged as one of the 100 smart city is certain to enhance its development scope but the impact shall not be felt as strongly as that in Dholera; reason being that Tiruppur is already economically robust and has successfully created a place for itself on Tamil Nadu soil.
Funding Dholera has received an initial funding for Rs. 3,000 crores for trunk infrastructure project. The next 1700 crores were sanctioned for development of Dholera international airport. Recently, another Rs. 1700 crores has been sanctioned to L&T for the tender awarded to it for construction of roads. Such thrust from the government has proved to be a catalyst in attracting funds from foreign and Indian investors who are investing massively in the first smart city project. The funding pattern for Tiruppura is yet to be finalized by the central government. If the government decides to do an initial funding of Rs. 2000 crores (the way it has been done for the first 20 smart cities) Tiruppur shall lag much behind Dholera. This shall also adversely impact the development plans and slow the development pace of the region.
Infrastructure Dholera is at a nascent stage of development. Due to this, the town had not been a witness to much development on the infrastructure front. This factor now proves to be a blessing in disguise giving the architects and designers developing Dholera a free hand in making it a world class city. Tiruppura, due to its industrial set up is much ahead of Dholera in terms of basic infrastructure amenities. This in turn means that the master planners shall have to make extra effort in either pulling down the existing infrastructure or revamping it. Therefore, possibly the infrastructure set up of Tiruppura might not match up that of Dholera.
Property Price Dholera is very cheap when it comes to buying a property. This has lured global investors to invest sizeable amount in Dholera real estate in anticipation of reaping exponential returns. Tiruppura, being a developed economy has seen significant appreciation in real estate prices. Therefore any property here is more expensive than that in Dholera.


The above factor concludes that Dholera is a better, safer and smarter Investment destination than Tiruppura.

Invest in Dholera project introduces raw land concept in India’s first smart city

Dholera SIR brings with itself a plethora of economic opportunities for everyone: Corporates, Hospitality sector, Commercial and Manufacturing units, Logistics and many more. Given the immense potential the city holds within, everyone who sets up their businesses in the initial stage shall eventually generate excellent returns.

Smart Homes Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. a subsidiary of Smart Infrastructure PTE Limited, headquartered in Singapore, facilitates all industries with raw land suited to their needs to enable them make the best of this opportunity offered by India’s first smart city.

Investindholerasmartcity.com creates value proposition for investors through sale and re-sale of agricultural and non-agricultural land in Dholera SIR and Greater Dholera region. Reputed for sale of legal land bearing clear title and 100%approved by government, we offer investors an option to choose from land of varied sizes and locations.

Investindholerasmartcity.com project is trademark registered and specifically meant to promote B2B segment. Through a team of realty professionals having vast exposure in the Indian real estate markets and known for their expertise in the evolving market trends, we are apt at guiding industrialists on the location and site that shall best suit their businesses. Our list of clientele ranges from residential property builder who aspires to build a residential township in premium location of Dholera SIR to an industrialist who is looking for massive piece of land to set up his manufacturing unit. Our clientele also extends to those looking for suitable land to construct their hotels and resorts, enterprises looking forward to set up a logistics hub or one looking for an agricultural land.

Our brand caters to Indian and international corporate houses, global business houses and HNI’s who wish to invest in Dholera SIR. Besides offering them raw land in Dholera, Smart Homes also ensure that the land is lien free and free of any hassles. Our consultancy services ensure a smooth transfer of property to its rightful owner through step by step guidance. Additionally, we also help you in conversion of NA/NOC,  clear title for the land purchased by you.

We have ample land parcels available in Dholera Town Planning Scheme 1 to Town Planning Scheme 4 of which TP1 is specifically meant for residential use. Similarly, the agricultural and farmland under our possession is spread all over Dholera, giving investors the flexibility to choose one that most befits them. Besides, we have also constructed mega residential townships comprising of magnificent bungalows, beautiful villas and smart apartments which are meant to cater to the needs of retail investors.


Investindholerasmartcity.com brings one of its kind opportunities for global enterprises and local businesses to buy land at cheap prices and at right locations across Dholera SIR and Greater Dholera for a brighter tomorrow.

FDI Investments in Real estate sector becomes easier with policy amendments

As a step towards making real estate sector in India more open and flexible to FDI investments, the government has recently announced favorable amendments in FDI policy. This move is expected to attract large volumes of FDI into real estate going forward.

The following changes have been made to the existing policies:-

  • The minimum capital requirement of $5 million has been done away with allowing more flexibility into the system.
  • No restriction of ‘minimum floor area’ is now applicable as against the earlier constraint that compelled FDI investments to be made only in projects having a minimum floor area of 20,000 Sq. Km.

The constraints imposed pertaining to the two critical factors has been a cause of massive hindrance restricting FDI investment flow in the cash starved real estate sector in India. With the new amendments, things shall now be perceived differently and positively by the FDI’s and should induce more liquidity into the Indian property markets.

The government also stated: ‘A foreign investor will be permitted to exit and repatriate foreign investment before the completion of project under automatic route, provided that a lock-in-period of three years, calculated with reference to each tranche of foreign investment has been completed.’ To enhance flexibility, the three years lock in period for FDI investments shall no longer be applicable in case the stake in property is transferred from one non-resident to another without any repatriation of funds.

However, there is no lock in period for FDI Investments into certain sectors like hotels and resorts, hospitals, SEZs, educational institutions, old age homes and NRI investments. Mentioning the positive impact of this,  Mr. Anuj Puri, chairman & Country Head, JLL India said that ‘This will allow for greater and smoother flow of FDI into all these categories. It will encourage developers to get into SEZ assets in a bigger way, and simultaneously allow for greater NRI investments into Indian real estate.’

Certain restrictions have however been imposed and Dholera investments shall not be permitted for construction of farmhouses, trading in transferable development rights and investing in any entity that is engaged in real estate business.  The term ‘Real Estate Business’ refers to engagement in any transaction with the intention of only profit making and does not include development of townships, construction of residential/ commercial premises, roads or bridges, educational institutions, recreational facilities, city and regional level infrastructure, townships.

With the positive changes, the smaller real estate projects shall also receive foreign funding which was earlier only reserved for bigger ones. The real estate sector shall also gear up and gain momentum and we are likely to see more projects meeting their delivery schedules with enhanced liquidity induced within the ecosystem.