Agriculture Land In Dholera– Smart City offers you a wide range of agricultural land to choose from…

Agriculture is the largest contributor to India’s economy with an employment generation capacity second to none. Legitimate and legally approved agricultural land is therefore of extreme importance to Indians and Smart Homes is committed to share the responsibility by providing such agriculture land in Dholera SIR at competitive prices and at smart locations.

We have ample farmland and agriculture land in Dholera SIR available in all dimensions spread all over the region such that our investors can choose amongst a plethora of options in accordance to their need. Complete documentation of such agriculture land in Dholera is maintained to foster certainty and absolute handover is given to the buyer.

Lands for sale

Pipali village :-

28 bigha, juni sarad, 5.2 lacs, near international airport.

Buranpur village :-

3.9 lacs, juni sarad, 30 bhiga, near proposed international airport.

Kamatalav village :-

Rate: 5 lacs; Juni maati Sarad; 2 kilometres from International Airport, On TP-1 SIR border, 0.5 Kilometer from 250 meter Highway, 0.5 meter from Metro. We will do the NA for you if needed

Anandpur village :-

Agriculture land that can be converted for Hotel use, shopping mall, residential group housing, residential plotting near Dholera International Airport in Anandpur village.

Ganf village :-

Village Ganf: Survey Number 310; 22 Bigha, Rate: 7.5 lacs per bigha, Juni Sarad, Approach road, SIR border of Kasindra and Ambli, We will do the NA for you.

Nava Gaam Karna village :-

Survey Number 235; 11 bhiga: Rate: 3.8 lacs per bhiga, Nava Maati, On Dholera International Airport Road, 4 kilometres close to SIR border. We will do the NA for you.

Survey Number 202; 20 Bhiga, Rate: 5.8 lacs per bhiga, Nava Maati Juni, On dholera International Airport road, 4 kilometres close to SIR border. We can do the NA for you.

Shella village :-

Survey Number: 118; 12 Bhiga, Rate: 7 lacs per bhiga, on SIR border (Ambli), Juni Sarad. We can do the NA for you.

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